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ASP Raptor Flashlight DF – a Night Killer



ASP, the famous manufacturer of collapsible batons, also makes some of the finest duty-level flashlights known to man. Their latest is the ASP Raptor Flashlight DF. DF stands for dual fuel, and outside of rhyming means, you have a helluva lot of light. 1900 lumens of blinding white light powers this beast of burden.

The ASP Raptor PDF series is a duty-sized flashlight. It’s a bit big for pocket carry in day-to-day street clothes, but it is an excellent option for around-the-house use. Hurricane season has started today as I write this, and once hurricane season starts, it’s smart to get prepped with a good flashlight. The ASP Raptor PDF is perfect for my needs as a hurricane-laden Floridian.

ASP Raptor Flashlight, dual fuel battery
Dual Fuel means it can use either 18650 batteries or CR123s.

Breaking Down the Raptor DF

Dual fuel means the light can use two sources of battery power. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 battery, or you can use two disposable CR123s. This setup makes it well suited for disaster scenarios. You can run it charged for as long as possible, and when it dies, you have two options. You can replace the 18650 with another fully charged 18650 or two CR123 batteries.

ASP Raptor DF flashlight, recharging
Handy charge guide lets you know when it’s ready to rock and roll.

Rechargeable — to me — is only an option when you can still hot-swap batteries. Also, the included 18650 comes with a recharge port on the battery itself. You can charge it independently or inside the light itself. This allows you to charge the battery of the Raptor DF while still using the light itself. The Raptor PDF includes the light, an outlet charger, and a car charger. The charging cable is a USB and can be used with an external battery if needed.

All The Settings

The Raptor PDF series packs a variety of settings. To charge the Raptor, you unscrew the bezel, and it opens to reveal the charging port as well as a small white button. If you turn the light on, you can use this light to set your secondary setting. Your primary setting will always be 1,900 lumens, but the secondary can vary from 15 to 300 or as an optional strobe mode.

charging ASP Raptor DF flashlight
Undue the bezel a bit and plug it in.

To activate the secondary setting, you double-tap the on switch, and it resets to secondary mode. The on switch also has a multitude of settings. We get the constant on mode, the momentary mode, and a lock-out switch that keeps the light off or locks it on. It’s a handy rotating switch that’s super easy to use and delivers tactile feedback when pressed.

flashlight controls for lockout mode, momentary, and constant on
Multiple positions allow for lock out mode, momentary, and constant settings.

The Raptor DF rear tailcap is quite nice as well. It’s very clicky, and you can hear and feel the light as you activate it. It reacts quickly to button presses and springs to life in an instant.

Putting Out the Power

The Raptor DF casts out 1,900 lumens of dark killing light. It’s got a rather large reflector and head and delivers an outstanding amount of light and an impressive degree of range. I’ve been using it in the yard at night when the dog starts losing her mind. It’s essentially my yard spotlight that shines a revealing light on raccoons, opossums, and other stray dogs. Also to find lost pieces of lower parts kits, those dang springs!

pitch black of night
Oh no, the darkness, whatever will I do!

I can swing it from one side of my two acres to the other and see everything regardless of how hard it tries to hide. The bright beam the Raptor DF casts eats up the darkness breaks through photonic barriers and makes it easy to see the fine details of the creature hiding in the darkness. The rather warm beam delivers excellent color contrast and makes the color dead on.

Out to 200 yards, it delivers an excellent amount of light. Even beyond 200 and out to 300 yards, the light is sufficient enough to see big things moving in the dark. Pair it with a magnified optic of some such, and the visual range improves drastically.

ASP Raptor flashlight beam in the dark.
Exact same picture as above, but it’s featuring my yard spotlight, the Raptor

Battery life seems to be around 90 minutes or so. That wasn’t just straight 1,900 lumens testing. I played around with the 15 and 300-lumen settings as well. Both will preserve the battery life a good bit. I really love the extra settings. The 15 lumen light is enough for moving around a dark house during a power outage, maneuvering around your camp to the head, or finding the Reeses cup I dropped under the seat of my car. All the while, the battery life will last a heckuva lot longer.

This is dog walking flashlight you can use to defend against cryptids or whatever else might accost you. 

Beatin ’em Up

The Raptor DF is extremely strong and made from anodized aluminum. It’s extremely capable and can be used as a pain compliance implement if necessary. The heavy, all-metal ass-kicking design certainly makes it easy to swing into some asshole’s face. Or, if you had to, a critter attacking your dog. Including another dog. 

ASP Raptor flashlight large bezel
The bezel will deal some real damage, especially when backed by the hefty weight of the Raptor.

Pain compliance followed up with 1,900 lumens of power would be absolutely devastating. You’d certainly gain a quick advantage in a close hand-to-hand fight when wielding the Raptor DF. For me, the Raptor DF will easily survive my clumsy self. I’m going to drop it, likely kick it, and have it rattle around the floor of my car for a month or so in the future.

A tough light isn’t a surprise from the company that made their name with ass-kicking implements. The ASP Raptor DF provides you with an extremely powerful light that delivers both a punishing amount of light and a very strong overall design. When you need power, battery versatility, and a multitude of modes, the Raptor DF has got you covered.




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